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The Four Step Roadmap to

Emotional Food Freedom

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  • Regain control over your food choices
  • Take charge of your physical and emotional health
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success stories

“I felt lost and helpless, but today I feel so much more capable and equipped to deal with my emotional eating. I now have proven strategies and techniques to implement. I can honestly say that Adina has changed my life. I have gained self confidence and a whole new level of self love. The skills that she has helped me develop have been amazing and empowering. I no longer feel alone on this journey.”

Karen C. 52 years old

"Struggling with emotional eating for my teenage and adult life made me feel out of control and hopeless. With Adina’s help, I am now making better choices in all aspects of my life. I am more in control of my health than I have ever been and it feels great! Adina is a very compassionate coach. She is truly kind and empowering ."

Jill L. 34 years old

“I can not say enough about this program. I went from an emotional eater to one who is far more healthy in my eating habits. I would recommend Adina unconditionally to anyone needing help with emotional eating or any other food issues. I can never thank her enough for the effect she had on my life.”

Miriam A. 66 years old

Listen to what else my clients are saying

“Adina provided a safe and supportive environment to explore my relationship to food and eating. So much was revealed that I had never noticed or understood about my own patterns." 

Amanda Y. 39 years old

“This has been a truly eye opening, life changing experience. Doing this was money well spent."

Joanne Bernier 48 years old